My First Official Blog Post!!!!!

Holy Moly! I always wanted to do something big in life. In 2012, I accomplished more than I could ever imagine (so let’s recap) :

-Went to Miami for the first time ever (twice)
-Got certified as a personal trainer.
-Moved out of my mom and dad’s house.
-Met some amazing people who quickly became mentor’s to me
-OK, you get the point

Moving forward, there is so much to do, see, and learn. My goal is to educate those looking to be taught. I want to experiment and test. There is so much to do on this earth that you just have to learn day in and day out.

I look forward to making a mark in the way people view fitness, training, and just life in general. A year ago, I was working a decent JOB and not doing much. Today, I’m in a career I love,help changing people’s lives, and now I’m writing my first post on my own official website! I want to just let you know this…

If you can put your mind and heart into it, you will get soooo much more out of it…whatever IT is.

Keep Moving Forward.


PS: please forgive the bland nature of the site. I just started it. Like fine wine, it’ll only get better with time.

Written by Louis