The Most Important Article I Never Wrote

(I wish I wrote this but Tom has been doing this for a LOONNGGG time)

What I’m about to share with you is the BIGGEST article of the year, in my opinion. There are tons of articles on how to build maximal amounts of muscle that will make you look like this Image (stunning isn’t it 😉 ) or deadlifting articles or on cross-fit or incredible fat loss articles. There are articles with biased research and unbiased research and unbiased research that people turn in to biased research to cause a shit storm on Facebook. The whole purpose of this post is to spread something that may mean more to you than anything mentioned above on the sole fact that even though there are a ton of training articles and research articles and nutrition articles out there for people to delve in to, there hasn’t been one solid article on the reason why you’re progress in your fitness journey has been hard to reach or seems so far out of reach that quitting seems like the best option (and in my book, its NEVER an option).

The topic of the article by Tom Venuto of Burn That Fat is about the “All or Nothing” mindset. 

In this article, he discusses 7 reasons as to why your “all or nothing” attitude is really hindering your progress. Some of my very own clients have this mentality (and I’m not afraid to admit it as they are human and MANY people suffer from this) but now this will be available for all to read.


It honestly is a phenomenal article and one I really wish I wrote. I can’t agree with this article any more than I do now and Tom did an INCREDIBLE job.



The Bad Attitude That Kills Diet And Exercise Programs



Written by Louis