What You Probably Should Read – 07/05/2015


What’s up folks?

In this edition of “What You Probably Should Read”, being that it’s the inaugural edition, here are the most recent articles I have been reading (more than once) which offer incredible insight in their respective categories.

Without further hesitation, here are the posts of the week:

Is Obesity a Choice by Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

^^great discussion on the topic as well as a cool cartoon (which made it easier for me to read LOL).

Spot Reduction: Real Science AND Exercise Myth by Nick Tumminello

^^Putting the proverbial money where the mouth is and letting it be known further that…

The 5 Worst Types of Trainers by Tony Gentilecore

^^There are times I want to write articles like this but I am certainly not as eloquent in writing as T.G.

Artificial Sweeteners – Is The Evidence As Sweet As These Substitutes? by Kamal Patel of Examine.com


What Supplements Should You Take by Bryan Krahn

^^Because Bryan does it for the bros and answers an age-old question as direct as you can get.


Until next week folks! Hope you all enjoyed your week!

Written by Louis