Strength Training & Nutrition Coach for Body Goals

I bet you’re wondering what I know about transforming the way you eat and train, thus changing your lifestyle.

I have been personal training full-time since 2012 and have worked with an array of people from stay-at-home moms to busy professionals. If there is one thing everyone has in common, it’s wanting to look sexy in and out of clothes, feel confident in their skin, and have a great relationship with food without the dietary dogma and restrictions preached throughout the media.

I help people simplify the process of body transformation, whether it’s fat loss and muscle gain through strength training and/or nutrition.

Using evidenced-based practices along with years of experience working with people from all walks of life, I can assure you that with the right program fit for you and communication between you and me, this will be the first time you do it right.

Let’s Start Your Journey

Change and self-love start with your body and it’s your choice to take care of it. Your body is built to adapt and it’s your armour through all aspects of life. This is why it’s vital to give your body the time, dedication and fuel it deserves.

It goes back to one main principle: if people aren’t convinced you can take care of yourself, how can they expect you to take care of them?

See, lifting and eating right isn’t as complicated as some people make it seem. Regardless of what your fitness goals are, you should never feel they’re unachievable. You deserve to achieve your goals without feeling like you have to give up everything to reach them.

Often times, people want the end result but they just don’t know how to achieve it so they settle for quick ‘fixes’ that aren’t sustainable (ie: detox programs, fat burners etc.).

I don’t encourage that as I encourage you to be the very best you. See what I mean here.

With my expertise, you will learn practices and behaviours so you can lose fat in the most sustainable and maintainable way.

I teach people how to lift weights on a schedule that doesn’t derail their life. I teach people how to track their food using MyFitnessPal so they can eat the foods they want while making sure they don’t overstep their boundaries which stall fat loss. I essentially integrate my life into your life to help you learn to love training and eating again or perhaps for the first time.

And if you’re anything like me, it’s about relationship and community.

You + me = winning team.

I’m thankful you’ve made it this far… now let’s make that dream you’ve been dreaming a reality!

If you have any questions, please email me: coachlouis@louisguarino.com or shoot me a message below!


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