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Hey, what’s goin’ on?

My name is Louis Guarino.

I grew up in southern Orange County, NY where to put it plainly, I never had a problem making friends. I did, however, struggle to figure out where I fit in.

Why? I wasn’t confident in who I was, and to make things worse, I was a late bloomer – an “ugly duckling” if you will. It has taken me a lot of time, patience and work to get to where I am physically, mentally and emotionally.

My Journey

This is where I start talking about my own transformation story. Everyone has an origin story, and this is mine.

I won’t sugarcoat it – my “aha moment” came immediately after a devastating breakup. I was 18 and pretty much said to myself, “Screw this! I’ll look better than anyone you’ll be with.”

Childish, I know. I was 18, immature and angry. But it gave me the kick I needed to change my lifestyle. I began lifting and working on my nutrition.

Coincidently, around this time, I was still living at home with my parents and we clashed. A lot.

So the gym became my refuge.

When I was upset, I went to lift. When I was angry, I went to lift. When I wanted a nice pump before going out, I went to lift.

Lifting became more than a habit for me — it was therapeutic. My new lifestyle helped me grow both physically and mentally. As I started shaping my body and putting on muscle, I also started to shed the anger that drove me to the gym. I began to focus less on my resentment towards my ex or my parents, and instead, focused on taking care myself better.

Along with my new physique, I began grooming myself better (mainly more frequent haircuts and getting my eyebrows done) and dressing well. I felt empowered and for the first time in my life, I was happy with myself.

Strength training made me more confident and it translated through how I interacted with people; how I approached my job; and ultimately, made me pursue fitness as a career. I wanted to not just help people get fit, I wanted to guide them through their own mental, physical and spiritual transformation.

In 2012, I took that leap and made my dream job a reality.

Since I’ve started my career, I’ve helped hundreds of in-person clients look and feel better.

Today, social media has changed the fitness industry’s landscape. Thanks to the internet, the world has gotten much smaller and it’s given me an opportunity to work with clients throughout the world.

It’s made it possible for me to be here to guide you through your own fitness journey, right now, regardless of geography.

Let’s Start Your Journey

Change and self-love, start with your body, and your choice to take care of it. Your body is built to adapt and it is your armour through all aspects of life. This is why it’s vital to give your body the time, dedication and fuel it deserves.

It goes back to one main principle: if people aren’t convinced you can take care of yourself, how can they expect you to take care of them?

See, lifting and eating right isn’t as complicated as some people may make it seem. Regardless of what your fitness goals are, you should never feel they’re unachievable.

Often times, people want the end result and just don’t know how to achieve it so they settle for quick fixes that aren’t sustainable (ahem, detox programs, fat burners etc.).

I don’t encourage that as I encourage you to be the very best you. See what I mean by reading here.

You will learn practices and behaviors so they can lose the fat in the most sustainable and maintainable way.

I teach people how to lift weights on a schedule that doesn’t derail their life. I teach people how to track their food using MyFitnessPal so they can eat the foods they want while making sure they don’t overstep their boundaries that stall fat loss. I essentially integrate my life into your life to help you learn to love training and eating again or perhaps for the first time.

And if you’re anything like me, it’s about relationship and community.

You + me = team.

Your well-being and care are of utmost importance.

I’m here to help you change your life and I’m thankful you’ve made it this far.

If you have any questions, please do email me:

or shoot me a message below!