Ready To Change Your Life?

Everything in life, both in your personal life and in your professional life took time, trial & error, and perhaps a little bit of luck. It never has been “quick and easy.”

These things required patience, working through emotional waves (many which probably seemed to wipe you out before you began again), a sacrifice of little or much, and ultimately – learning.

Are you single and looking to better yourself not only for you but for your future partner?

Are you in a relationship, with or without kids, and want to be the best you can be for them?

It takes effort, consistency, and a do-not-quit attitude.

Creating the body of your dreams is no different.

What’s the best part about this?

You have me to guide you through the process.

Look, I get it, really – you want to:

  • Stop the extreme “dieting” and diets.
  • Feel more confident in your clothing choices
  • Feel sexy in your bathing suit
  • Look fantastic naked
  • Not missing social events because you are dieting
  • Keep your sanity through the process
  • To let your discipline in training and nutrition manifest in other areas of your life
The bad news?

It took me over 10 years to get this down.

The good news?

You will no longer have to think as much as you’ve been doing as I help lay the foundation for success in your fitness journey.


Are You Tired of Not Having Direction?

It’s frustrating – I know. You’ve tried every diet on the market. You’ve tried every exercise regimen.


Fortunately – I’ve got what does and you’ll learn it. This includes:

  • Using flexible dieting principles so you don’t need to restrict any particular food or food group while losing the fat
  • Prep the foods you love in the amounts you need to reach your goals
  • Create a meal plan that makes eating autonomous so there’s no more, “what do I eat?” – meal template provided.
  • Retain your social life while making the best choices to reach your goal of losing the fat
  • Strength-train using key movements to work the muscles and keep the muscle tone (or build it) while losing the fat.
  • Have a lifting schedule that fits your life and lifestyle
  • Have a better relationship with food and exercise again (or for the very first time)


You’re my 3rd coach and by far and away the BEST and I can’t imagine under what circumstances I’d want to change.

M. Elliot

Vancouver, BC

I signed up with Louis…about 6 months ago, and it’s easily the best decision I’ve made this year!..Send Louis an email and sign up today! I can’t recommend him enough. My only regret…is not reaching out to him years ago!

T. Erdmann


I’ve been so happy with my results but even more pleased with Louis’ coaching style and approach that I am continuing on to 1:1 training with him (from group coaching [no longer offered])…he is the real deal and he cares about all his clients’ success. You will not be disappointed if you train with Louis.

D. Plasencia

New York, NY

Why Me?

I have been personal training full-time since 2012, working with those brand new to fitness to fitness competitors. When we work together, you get a coach who:

  • has the experience & knowledge to successfully transform the lives of many clients focusing solely on fat loss and muscle-building goals
  • is honest
  • is an effective communicator
  • who effectively listens
  • wants to see you win in every area of life
  • will help you successfully reach your goal without empty promises
  • cares for you as a person, not just a paying client
  • given people their life back in more ways than one

This isn’t a superficial, surface-scratching program. This is a life-changing program.

If you so choose to continue, the process looks like this:

  • Apply for coaching – be sure to add my email address ( to your ‘whitelist’ of emails as it can appear in your spam mail otherwise.
  • I will review your application and see if we could work together. Either way, you will hear back from me with a decision to move forward.
  • We will discuss expectations, goals, and the plan to get there.
  • I will give you a plan of action after our conversation. If you agree, I will give you pricing.



How is coaching done?

If you choose to be coached under me, you will:

  • be placed into my ‘Coach Louis’ Team Hub’ Facebook community where all of my clients interact.
  • access your training and nutrition program in your client portal.
  • have continuous monitoring. Check-ins are weekly for the first 4-6 weeks to assure you get in the groove of your eating and nutrition then will be biweekly thereafter. This portal syncs with MyFitnessPal and MyMacros+ as well as FitBit (if applicable). There will be questions to answer pertaining to your training, nutrition, sleep, and habits among a few others. If I ask for a video to critique or you need to show me a video, you may upload it to your check-in as well.
  • because there is a messaging system in the client portal as well as email, Facebook messaging is not accepted

Eligibility Requirements

  • At least 30 years old
  • Must be a member of a commercial gym or have a fully-equipped home gym.
  • Must have knowledge of strength training.
  • Can commit to a minimum of 3-days of weight training per week
  • Must be a meat-eater. Sorry, no vegetarians. Nothing against your dietary choice but vegetarians, in large, are harder to work with.
  • Must have knowledge of MyFitnessPal/MyMacros+. If you do not know, start here, then apply at a later date.