So you want to train smart and eat well.

You can follow directions and figure things out on your own pretty quickly.

You just want a meal plan made for you using the food you want to eat.

This is for you.

This is not a food plan prescription. There is no medical information attached.

This is for the person who knows what they like and want to eat and need a plan to know what amounts to eat.

This is not a coaching service. There will be no contact or communication with Coach Louis in regards to the program you receive. If you need coaching, guidance, and accountability, I encourage you to read more here.


This option includes:

– A custom meal plan based on the assessment you will fill out after purchasing. There will be a training day and non-training day meal plan.

– Macros will be provided in the event you would like to switch out foods of your plan.

– I do encourage you to put these in MyFitnessPal.

– This option does not include macro/meal plan adjustments.