It’s shiny…it looks like gold…but it’s fake and has no value whatsoever. In fact, it has about as much value as the plain pebble you found it next to.

You were digging for gold, you put your time, energy, resources, and hope in finding the real thing…but you’ve been duped…and it’s about damn time you realized it.

The only people who believe it’s worth more are the completely ignorant and foolish thinkers…because they actually haven’t thought about anything. All they see is “gold” and nothing else. These people are a danger. These people are the ones selling fake Rolex’s and Louis bags in the streets, trying to tell you it’s real or “it came from the same factory”. LOL. No the hell it didn’t.

These are lies…lies you feed yourself…lies you feed others…and in the end, you’re left with fool’s gold and a fake Louis bag and even more resentment for buying such utter crap and guilt…hopefully you feel guilt for selling this stuff or guilt for buying and believing in it for so long. No one likes to feel guilty and usually once guilt sets in, change in the opposite direction is inevitable.

Even more, if the rest stings or makes you mad; good. This is directed to you.

You’re the person selling bullshit and fear all for the sake of yourself and your wallet and to further your ego-driven profits. And even if you aren’t profiting, it’s scarier knowing that you’re doing this without any real justification except you refuse to learn anything different (which would perhaps be the right way to do this whole thing). You try to get people to “join the team!” and let’s “#21DayFix” it and “#JoinTheRevolution” and “Wooooooo WHOLE 30 YEA!”….no.

Speaking of the Whole 30, it’s been shown to be one of the worst “diets” ever: READ HERE

You re-share blog posts from these lunkheads who, for whatever reason, have a large following so you cling to their word like the 4 Gospels.

You tell people they’ve lived there life for 30, 40, 50 years and that if they cut out this food or food group or drink this shake or take this supplement, they will fix 30-50 years of poor decisions and bad habits in 20-30 days. UGH.

It’s such an appeal to emotions.

You want the fix and you want it quick and you want it now!!!

But sorry folks, it doesn’t work like that. You will in fact, do far more harm than good in your life, not only from a fitness and nutrition standpoint, but from a social and familial aspect as well. Don’t believe me? Lol, keep doing what you’re doing.

I mean for crying out loud, does your kid need to see you not having cake on their birthday because you “believe” sugar is bad? Give me a frickin’ break. Do you want your kids loathing pizza or a couple cookies because their mom/dad has a horrible relationship with food all for the sake of “dropping the fat”. God, I hope not.

“I eat so healthy during the week! Man, the weekends…they kill! I always screw up!” (Sound familiar?)

I wrote this post yesterday on FB and want you to read it:

Read it? Good. Let’s continue.

I get it. I do. There is so much nutrition information out there. There is so much conflicting information out there. But some of the best ways to decipher this info is to think critically. Don’t allow the blind to lead the blind. That helps no one.

For instance, is where I get all of my supplement research as well as a lot of nutrition research. I’m subscribed to the Alan Aragon Research Review (AARR) which is basically a monthly research journal that takes all the latest research paper’s on certain topics and puts them in layman’s terms. (By the way, I’m not getting paid for those plugs but those are huge sources to use).

There is no detox…no pills….no shakes…no fix. None of that.

There IS knowledge and information that you can receive and make this much easier for yourself.

And well, honestly, if you’re having a hard time, find yourself a great coach such as myself to help you learn and get on the right track.

You can’t sit here and be fearful of food. There is no morality clause when you purchase food. There is no good or bad food. You cannot “cheat” on a food. There is no “fattening” food. There are no foods that directly cause cancer. There is no foods that directly cause obesity. There is no foods make you skinny. There is no food that magically puts on muscle. There is no food that turns you in to an Olympic Athlete. There are no foods that turn you in to a Power Ranger. There is no food that gives you diabetes. There are no foods that will have you run the 100m sprint like Usain Bolt and no food that will have you hitting turn around fade-away jumpshot like Jordan.

For the love of God, people. ENOUGH.

Food is nothing more than that…food.

Food is comprised of macronutrients (protein/fat/carbs) in which the summation creates total calories and micronutrients (minerals, vitamins).

If your goal is to lose fat, you need to be doing strength-training to preserve your lean muscle mass while eating enough protein (to allow the preservation of that muscle). You can eat whatever the hell you want in terms of fats and carbs (for the most part) so long as you hit your protein and do not go over your calorie goals (majority of the time).

It’s really that simple.

There is nothing to fear. Anyone spewing their “credentials” and their fake science and yada yada to make you believe them…just smile, nod, then go on about your business.

There’s a lot of people who do that stuff and they are the herpes of the industry…and unfortunately we, the public, aren’t benefiting from it unlike Usher’s recent accounts.

So to the people who really have no nutrition knowledge…just admit it and humble yourself. Take the ego out. Understand there’s a lot to learn but you’ll be much better off when you do learn it. For the people who keep on buying in to the quick fix…stop. Stop believing in it. Stop thinking your world will change in 21 days. Stop thinking certain foods or food groups are the issue. No no. YOU are the issue. There is no scapegoat here. You are the problem and it’s time to fix it if you want to get more fit and healthy.

Once you start changing your mindset, that’s where the real gold is and you will reap much much more than you could imagine. It won’t happen over night but you’ll get little nuggets along this lifetime journey.