What you need to know:

  • Not everyone trains for aesthetic-purposes only. That’s ok. If that’s you, keep having fun.
  • Many people want to look better but instead of sticking to one program, they jump from one method to another. This will not help.
  • Stop choosing programs because of a catchy name. If you see online or in a magazine what this elite athlete is doing or that movie star is doing, remind yourself this; you are not an elite athlete or movie star.

Why Do You Workout?


Ask yourself that question.

I was once the person who felt that if you worked out, it was primarily to look better. While this is true for a huge population, I have come to learn some people just want to move more and eat better. The byproduct of this may be a better looking physique but it isn’t the sole purpose of training.

I was training a much older woman and I asked her, before I showed her the exercise, “can you get down on the floor? Would this be an issue?” and she laughingly says, “SURE! I always fall down!”

I laughed…hard…and so did she but in that “joke” was a very real issue. Here is a woman who just wants to work out so that IF she happens to fall, because her balance as she age starts to go, she should be strong enough to pick herself up. It may not be a sexy training goal, but it’s a life goal that should not be overlooked. I highly doubt her physique is what she is training for.

There are many people like her. Heck, there are many younger people who just exercise enough to not get any worse than their current state so they can down a 6-pack of Coors or eat whatever they want and feel less “guilty”. While that’s not optimal and a bunch of behaviors and ideas need to be worked on, the overall reason is actually rational and understandable.

BUT let’s not kid ourselves.

If you are reading my blog, more than likely, you are more-so in to the idea of changing your body as a primary (or secondary) training goal.

There are all sorts of niches out there in fitness.

There are people who focus more on mobility. There are people who focus on overhead athletes. There are people who focus on crossfit. There are people who want to be strength athletes or enthusiasts. Then there are people like me, who really love and have a passion for, making aesthetic changes.

Before you try this program or that exercise routine or take advice from this person or that person, ask yourself, “what am I training for” then find the person you feel can best help you.

This will keep you from the on-going resentment of never reaching your goal because you are doing everything except what you need to do.

A.D.D. Will Leave You M.A.D.

German-Volume Training.

Density Training.

High Intensity Interval Training.

Metabolic Resistance Training.

High Intensity Training.



Olympic Lifting.

StealingEveryMethodAbove Training (I mean crossfit LOLLL. JK)

Superdeedoopergetjackedin8week Training.

With all these different programs and methods, as a gym junkie myself, I can see why one would want to try everything.

The problem here is this: if you are constantly changing your programs and routines, you will never look any different than when you started and if you do, it’s marginal.

The thing is this, you have to give something time. This means you need patience. When training for a certain goal, like aesthetics specifically, you have to stick to those program variables.

There will always be an overlap in training methods but you must remember the S.A.I.D. principle. Your body will adapt to the stimulus placed upon it.

For instance, I would consider myself a body-builder. I love training for aesthetics. There’s also plenty strength work. I have a PR deadlift of 455lbs @ 170lbsFullSizeRender.

My squat is in the mid 200’s for reps on a really good day. I don’t even bench. I also love to play soccer (yes, it’s an endurance sport). Since I am speaking on experience, this is what I have to offer.

It’s all in the programming.

Whatever the end goal is, you have to work backwards and lay the bricks down and do not leave the road to the goal. Once you reach your goal, reassess and decide your next training goal.

Be True To You

Many fitness websites and magazines are notorious for having the next and greatest “workout routine”. The problem is where many people fail is even if the routine was legit, many will never reap the benefits.


Because every 2 weeks they want to switch to this thing or that.

I’ll be honest, if you have never had a structured program and never tracked progress, you are doing yourself a huge disservice.

That said, stick to the program principles that are going to get you to where you want to be.

Doing JJ Watts 1-month portion of his training program is not how it’s done.

JJ Watt is an elite beast with genetics maybe .005% of the earth’s population has.

Same goes with that very popular “300” workout when the movie first came out.

Sure, it might look good on paper but:

  1. The actors had nutritionists who got their bodies to that level of bodyfat.
  2. They had time to devote to that style of training.
  3. They actually had to look like Spartans.

This, for the average Joe, is not optimal nor maintainable. You also need realistic expectations and one I want you to realize is many people with the body you seem to be after have been training years and years and it’s a huge part of their life.

I am not saying it isn’t possible, I just want you to understand your training priorities and expectations may need an overhaul.

Again, it goes back to this:

  1. Make sure your nutrition (specifically caloric intake) is goal oriented.
  2. Make sure your training regimen reflects the end goal.

If you are constantly inconsistent then your will consistently live with resentment.

Now, go have a protein shake and write down your top 3 training goals, in order, and work towards 1 then the other then the other.

*Bro hugs*